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Pavel Saper

Not only is Pavel an Amazon FBA specialist, but he is also an enthusiastic salesperson that grew up with Amazon and eBay. He has an innate understanding of the two and how they work. In 2018, he achieved an annual turnover of half a million Euros on Amazon! This proven track record of success demonstrates his competence in bringing you the very best and latest E-Commerce solutions available. He has a genuine desire to see all of his clients excel and will guide you through the complicated structures of Amazon and eBay in order to be successful. He is a genuine success story that started a successful company with limited funding—only 2,000 Euros with no outside aid or loans, and turned it into a half a million euro a year successful business.

Pavel has already successfully worked with several companies and dealers throughout Germany. Any company or individual would benefit immensely from his experience, precipitation, achievements, and most of all, advice that will save you both time and money.

Pavel is fluent in English, Russian, and German, so consultations are available in all three languages.