Unlike various consultants and “gurus” out there, we not only earn our money by showing our customers how to successfully build a company, but also by actively selling ourselves everyday on both Amazon and eBay. We have a proven track record of success that will benefit you and your company with verified references, and most importantly, results that matter.

Our team consists of two dedicated E-Commerce experts with over twelve years of experience in both sales and online marketing. During this time we got to know the many different aspects of internet trading, online sales and online marketing. All of this knowledge is now at your disposal. Your company will benefit from our expertise and nothing will stand in the way of your success as long you successfully apply our advice.

In order for us to offer you the best possible advice and talent out there, we only work with the most qualified and experienced people. Our contacts are the best in their respective fields and work with us on a daily basis to achieve the best optimal outcomes for all involved. We have specialists, freelancers and partners from the fields of: Wholesale, Accounting, JTL-WAWI Facility, Photography, Management, Negotiations, and many more who can guarantee you results.


Pavel Saper

Amazon FBA Expert & E-Commerce Consultant

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Not only is Pavel an Amazon FBA specialist, but he is also an enthusiastic salesperson that grew up with Amazon and eBay. He has an innate understanding of the two and how they work. In 2018, he achieved an annual turnover of half a million Euros on Amazon! This proven track record of success demonstrates his competence in bringing you the very best and latest E-Commerce solutions available. He has a genuine desire to see all of his clients excel and will guide you through the complicated structures of Amazon and eBay in order to be successful. He is a genuine success story that started a successful company with limited funding—only 2,000 Euros with no outside aid or loans, and turned it into a half a million euro a year successful business.

Pavel has already successfully worked with several companies and dealers throughout Germany. Any company or individual would benefit immensely from his experience, precipitation, achievements, and most of all, advice that will save you both time and money.

Pavel is fluent in English, Russian, and German, so consultations are available in all three languages.


Muamed Safer

Customer Service Specialist

Before founding PSA Marketing with Pavel, Muamed worked in sales for over ten years in the automotive industry. He is an expert customer service specialist that can find you solutions where most people could not. His experience in one of Germany’s largest automobile manufacturers has effectively prepared him to handle difficult customer issues, and his results-orientated analysis of each customer challenge guarantees that every client will receive the best possible results!

Over the last several years he has successfully been working side-by-side with Pavel and has well over 400 satisfied customers under his belt. He knows the ins and outs of the marketing world and understands what it takes to work in E-Commerce. His core focus is on quality and personal support for clients that need assistance with Amazon, Ebay or anything E-Commerce related.

He takes pride in developing solutions for clients where none existed.

Allan Bright

Certified Video Producer

What do AOK, REWE and Daimler all have in common? All three have already worked with Allan Bright!

Allan is from the Cologne area and is an expert video producer. Over the past six years he has gained a lot of experience in the fields of images and content production for social media and businesses seeking professional videos. He now offers the production of gripping product videos which are gaining in importance year after year for sellers.

Since many online shops only show photos of their products, you can use our product videos to make your shop something very special and consequently achieve better sales results.

Allan is fluent in both English and German.


Francis J. Mari Jr., MBA

Plan of Action Manager

Francis is an expert when it comes to putting together working plans of action for Amazon that get clients back in business and selling again quickly. Originally from the New York area, and now residing in Cologne, Francis was a former paralegal and manager with many years of experience in criminal, civil and business law. He is also an expert negotiations specialist and communications coach that understands Amazon’s complicated guidelines and policies.

His background in law, and his unique understanding of the American company – Amazon, will give each client the best possible chance of getting their account or product ASIN reinstated quickly and efficiently.

Eray Erkisi

Customer advisor

Eray Erkisi works as a customer advisor for PSA Marketing and is our first point of contact for potential new coaching prospects such as yourself. He will answer all of your relevant questions about the entire process and will thoroughly prepare you with regards to the upcoming coaching. He will also remain by your side throughout the entire process should you experience any difficulties. He is also an experienced assistant that is intimately familiar with the coaching program as he has personally completed the PSA Marketing training program in order to set up his own business.


Alexander Meinzer

Alexander has been looking after our existing customers for several years. All topics such as calculation, the right tricks to get good products or even import and export issues are answered by Alex in a subject-specific and uncomplicated way.