Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

In the following section, we answer frequently asked questions from our customers.

  1. What requirements do I have to meet as a future successful retailer in E-Commerce?

    In principle, you do not need any specific specialist knowledge. We will teach you everything you need from A – Z; however, a strong will and desire to succeed is required. At the end of the day, it is about your future financial freedom and permanent income, so your drive to persevere is a definite prerequisite.
  2. How does fulfillment by Amazon (Amazon FBA) work?

    It is as simple as sending your products to the Amazon logistics center located within your region. Amazon takes care of the rest—from storage, to Prime offer status and finally shipping the product to your end customer.
  3. What is E-Commerce and how can entrepreneurs use it successfully?

    E-commerce is often equated with the sale of products via an online shop; however, there are many simpler business models out there without complex techniques such as Amazon (FBA) and eBay.
  4. What prior knowledge do I need to have as an Amazon retailer?

    No previous knowledge is required; however, a basic commercial knowledge is a big advantage. It is simply a little bit easier if you already have some prior background awareness of it. Again, your inner drive to succeed, to learn new things, and follow practical advice are big key ingredients to your success. In addition, you do not have to have any previous SEO knowledge as the customers already exist for you.
  5. Can anyone do coaching for Amazon or eBay?

    Yes—the coaching and advice is suitable for anyone who is self motivated and really wants to be both financially independent and self-employed at the same time.
  6. How much start-up capital is required to start an Amazon FBA business?

    There is no minimum capital required. Our recommendation would be to start with a minimum of at least € 5000. The biggest start-up capital is your time.
  7. Do I need a business license to trade online?

    Yes, a trade license is required here in Germany; however, I would recommend that you check your own local laws within the jurisdiction you reside in as it varies from country to country. In addition, you will need a credit card to sell on Amazon. This applies to Germany and in countries outside the EU. Be advised that local laws and regulations may apply.
  8. Where do the seminars take place?

    We can coach in person (face-to-face) or online! It doesn’t matter where you are located. Arrangements can be made for us to come to your office, or we can simply schedule an online meeting via a secure platform via MS Teams, Skype or telephone if needed. All your questions will be answered during the coaching, and we are here for you should you have any additional questions afterwards.
  9. How long does the coaching last?

    The coaching and support will last until we have accomplished the goals that we have set out for you during our initial meeting. Time is not a factor for us as the most important thing for us is getting you over the hill and to the finish line. Our unwavering support and knowledge will put you on the path to success, and we will do it together!
  10. What are the conditions for coaching or support?

    It depends on the goals to be achieved. We do not offer package deals unfortunately as each case is unique and different. We only offer individual offers that will bring our customers to their personal destination. Of course a detailed initial consultation with us is always non-binding and free of charge!
  11. Where can I get my products for building my E-Commerce store?

    We have a broad network of wholesalers throughout Germany and even some Asian countries that offer fantastic rates and deals. In addition, we have contacts to several well-known manufacturers throughout the world as well that will put you on the right path to success.
  12. Do I need storage facilities for an online shop?

    No. A warehouse or storage facility is not required for an Amazon FBA business, so you could even start this from the convenience of your own home or office.
  13. Is your Amazon sales account blocked, suspended or deactivated? Perhaps one of your ASINS have been suspended or deactivated. What now?

    The link for our emergency services can be found on our website. We are available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week for your emergency.
  14. Which E-Commerce services do you offer?

    We support several retailers in German-speaking countries with services such as product optimization, marketing, process optimization, which offer enormous time saving opportunities for the companies, account management and Amazon Health Support (for a clean Amazon account).
  15. Is every customer accepted by you?

    Yes! If we see that you have the drive and determination—we will work with you. These two ingredients are essential for success, and are the determining factor as to whether or not we can work together. We are often in demand and our time is quite limited, so we only work with people that demonstrate these qualities. If this is you—contact us today to get started!
  16. Why don’t I need my own warehouse at FBA?

    At FBA, the goods are stored directly at Amazon’s warehouses, and they are also sent from there! As a result, no warehouse and no packaging materials are necessary.
  17. Do you only manage certain product groups for Amazon or eBay?

    The important thing is that our customers have to enjoy their what they are selling. Let’s assume you love toys, but don’t like modern entertainment electronics–it is therefore logical that you will be more excited and motivated to sell toys verses the electronics, so we naturally take these preferences into account. You must enjoy and know what you are selling as this leads to better success rates.
  18. I am already an Amazon retailer, but would like higher sales. Will you help with this?

    Yes! We will assist you in finding innovative ways together by using clever marketing tactics, right product presentations, and an overall mix that will vastly improve your sales within (60) days.
  19. I have seasonal items – can you help me with marketing?

    Yes! We also support customers with seasonal items and know how to successfully assist you in marketing them.
  20. We are regional manufacturers – can you help promote us for Amazon?

    Yes! As a small family business with our own production, we can assist you in setting up direct sales via Amazon or eBay in your localized region.
  21. My German is not so good and not enough for product texts. What can I do?

    We have expert writers on the team who write product texts for you with added value and keyword relevance that are both fluent German speakers and writers. So don’t worry as we have you covered!