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We offer individual solutions that have been tried and tested over the years in E-Commerce.


We support you step-by-step to successfully build your online arbitrage business on Amazon.

In the course of digitization, the market-related importance of E-Commerce has increased significantly. Online sales are now considered to be the most important factors regarding the success of all retail companies! Whether you are a pure online retailer or the operator of a local store, a well-rounded E-Commerce strategy is essential. This is the only tried and tested method to secure entrepreneurship and achieve satisfactory business results.

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The development and implementation of a successful business strategy on one’s own is a great challenge for the average person, and most of them fail unfortunately. There are numerous pitfalls and risks involved that must be avoided or your chances of failure dramatically increase—particularly when it comes to an online business. Even small mistakes can quickly lead to costly consequences. The support of a professional industry expert is absolutely critical and necessary for a successful start up business in E-Commerce. We will guide you through the entire process and create a tailor-made plan based on your personal wishes and goals.


In addition to a well-rounded concept and the necessary specialist knowledge, our business model is based on personal experience. We see ourselves as mentors who want to specifically pass our knowledge on to you. As a young and dynamic team, we have managed to build a successful online business that continues to this day. As a result, we actively monitor the constant changes within the industry and can guarantee you the most current industry knowledge available. The focus of our online sales is on the largest trading platform—Amazon. Thanks to a customer-oriented marketing strategy and our activity in online sales, we have achieved great success, and we can pass on this success to you!


Interesting special forms of E-Commerce have developed that enable smaller retailers to exploit the enormous potential of the Internet for their business success. Amazon FBA, eBay and B2B offer amazing opportunities that can increase your income ten-fold.
Amazon FBA forms the core of our consulting work. As a dealer, we have already achieved considerable sales. The following process optimization quickly leads to an increase in efficiency and thus to the success of the desired sales.
We help both new Amazon FBA retailers with the implementation of their first activities in E-Commerce as well as existing retailers who want to improve their range and sales of the products they offer.
Our range of work is supplemented by trading on eBay, as well as mediation to international product manufacturers (including Asia, Europe and Turkey) for online trading.
As diverse as the options in online trading are, so are the demands of the individual.
Our expertise are used in several situations:

  • Over-the-Counter Trade: Owner of a shop who wants to establish himself in the online business environment.
  • Pure Online Trade: E-Commerce retailers who want to optimize their sales and precisely define their strategic direction.
  • Committed Lateral Entry: Re-orientation in online trading or new self-employed individuals who want to set up their own company.
We stand by our customers with confidence and will help them pave the way for long-term success in the world of online trading. With active support, a transparent approach, and open honest communication, we not only deliver results—but form a long lasting partnership that is a win-win for all involved.

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